Online Counselling Services

Online Counselling Services

Do You Offer Online Counselling Services?

I offer online counselling for adolescents, adults or seniors who want freedom from issues like anxiety, depression, addictions, relationship challenges, underemployment, loss and grief and trauma. In online counselling sessions, I will help you better manage your thoughts, feelings and choices to and reduce the issues that you are currently facing. However, no matter what your challenges may be, rest assured that Mark Giesbrecht has the experience and training to be able to help you.

Does Online Counselling Work?

Research shows that online counselling is just as effective as in-person counselling! When you begin online counselling you will receive the same evidence based, goal oriented and compassion infused services that you would with my in-person counselling. By drawing on my extensive training and experience over the last 25 years I will help you find solutions to your problems and new skills to have a better experience of your life.

How Does Online Counselling Work?

Having an online therapy session is easy! Just click on the “Book Now” link to open up your own account in my online portal (the account is free to you). You can book sessions, choose to hold sessions by video if you prefer and include your payment information. We can also safely communicate through this portal. It is completely safe and secure.

What Browsers are supported?

Online counselling sessions are best experienced on a computer or laptop using Chrome or Firefox, but your smart phone will work as well. You sign up to begin services by opening a secure account with my Owl Practice software. One there you can book sessions, get receipts, engage in secure chats with me if you need to ask questions, and it even hosts the video sessions.

Is Online Counselling Secure?

Yes! The online counselling system that I use is compliant with Canadian privacy regulations. This means that video, audio, and chat communications are encrypted and all of data is stored here in Canada.

How can I do online counselling when I live other people?

Finding a safe place like a bedroom with the door closed or sitting in your car can help you find some privacy. You can also ask your family or friends to go for a walk or a drive if they are willing.

How Do I Pay for an Online Counselling Session?

Session fees for a 50 minute session are $150.00 payable when you book the session by interac e – Transfer. If you prefer a shorter session because you’re an existing client checking in or just don’t need the full hour I offer a few weekly 30 minute sessions for $90. All session payments will have 5% GST added. If you wish to pay by VISA there will be an additional 5% added as well. I have appointment times in early mornings, afternoons and evenings depending on the day of the week.

Does My Health Insurance Cover Online Counselling?

Depending on your health insurance provider or employee benefit plan, it is possible for online counselling services to be covered in full or in part. Please contact your provider before the first online counselling session to see if RCCs or CCCs are a part of your insurance plan and to verify how your plan compensates you for online counselling services. I don’t offer direct billing but I will be happy to provide you with anything you need to submit for possible reimbursement.

Are you sure I need help? Don’t most people figure out their own problems?

Actually you are correct. Most of the problems people face everyday are solvable with some time and energy. You have already solved many of your life’s problems. But that’s not why your reading this. You need help today because despite your best effort nothing is changing and you are stuck. I will take you through a process of getting to know yourself better, determining what the problem actually is, planning a solution for the problem and then teaching you new skills to better handle future problems.

Why talk to a me instead of a friend?

The biggest reason is confidentiality. I will not discuss anything you tell me with anyone, unless there is a safety concern. And I have special skills to better help you understand the challenges you face and what to do to change your circumstances. As well, often we do not wish to burden our family or friends, and that’s why there are professional counselling and psychotherapy services. I am trained to know how to handle whatever you tell me and I have had over 25 years of experience.

How long will it take?

On average, most problems take between 7-14 sessions to start seeing positive changes happening. That doesn’t mean you have to have that many sessions. That’s just the average. Sometimes the problems are relatively simple and only need 5-7 sessions to talk it out. Every person is different, and every problem has unique factors. The length of time typically depends on factors like your desire for change, your commitment to the process, and the underlying factors that are causing you to seek therapy in the first place.